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    Empowering Connection | Mediation

    Change disconnection into connection

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    Empowering Connection | Facilitation

    Get from here to there

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    Empowering Connection | Advocacy in Schools

    Improve school experience

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    Empowering Connection | Restorative Justice Practices

    Healing and safety for all parties

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    Empowering Connection | Coaching

    Dare to dream what could be

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower organizations, schools, families, couples and individuals to achieve the vision of what they can fully be.

At the core of what we do are deeply held beliefs that everyone's needs matter, and that everyone can change. We create a safe space where individuals and the group are held with care, so that there can be movement through roadblocks and conflict, to growth and transformation. Our work empowers our clients to connect with what is important to them, and to understand what others need.

Our Services


Change disconnection into connection.


Get from here to there.

Advocacy in Schools

Improve school experience.

Restorative Justice

Healing and safety for all parties.


Dare to dream what could be.



Bridging the Gap Between Parents and Teens

This offering will build understanding and skills for honest and loving intergenerational communication. The workshop series will explore how to have care flow both ways between parents and children. Click here for more information.


Nonviolent Communication

Do you wish you could communicate more authentically with others? Would you enjoy increasing your ability to be in touch with what you deeply long for? Would expressing yourself with strength and compassion support you? With increased awareness and skill, life can be more wonderful for you and the people you connect with.

I am excited to offer this 6 week evening workshop series. July 2, 9, 16, 23, 26, and 30. We will explore the basics of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), and other communication tools. We will learn the four components of the NVC communication model and begin to develop a compassionate consciousness. Through the exploration of NVC processes attention focuses on increased intentionality and the growth of internal peace. In each of the 6 sessions, we will concentrate on and practice different skills with experiential exercises. The intention is to create a solid grounding, that with practice, you will be able to apply in your life. Click here for more information.

Organizations We Work With